What kind of water do you use in a steam mop for tile?

How to clean the floor with water only, takes less time but higher cleaning efficiency. Especially, a mop can be used on all types of floors including tile, wood floors, and felt mats.

That’s all possible if you own the steam Mop, as its name suggested, it uses hot steam to clean and disinfect. The steam mops are trusted by many housewives.

It combines electricity and water to help clean all traces and kill bacteria. In Europe, North America, this product is used a lot. As you might know, follow the instructions of the steam mop’s manufacturers, users only use water on this mop but not add any detergent.

Don’t need any harmful chemicals on the floor, but steam mops still make cleaner and faster than any other cleaning method. However, some people who are keen on fragrances still desire to add something like scented water, essential oils in the water tank of their steam mop.

This is harmful to the steam mop, or not? If not, “what kind of water do you use in a steam mop for tile?”.

To get answers, let’s look into this article.

What is a steam mop? Structure and operation of steam mops

The steam floor cleaner consists of a water heater and a steam spray. High-temperature water is sprayed directly onto the floor to help combat stains as well as bacteria.

The mop base is also equipped with the system of steam injection holes. Steam at 140 ° C will be sprayed with high pressure through the upper holes directly onto the surface to be cleaned.

High pressure will contribute to flying away the stains, combined with high temperatures will help kill harmful bacteria, mold, and the risk of disease hiding on the floor.

The announced result can be up to 99.9%. The use of hot steam has many advantages when it comes to having a high bactericidal effect without the use of chemicals. It helps to protect the floor better, especially for materials susceptible to chemicals such as wooden floors.

Moreover, steam will have a faster evaporation time than using plain water, helping your floor dry after only 10 minutes. Due to the use of steam, the product is quite water-saving, just 0.22L we can clean the floor area up to 30m².

Whereas using the traditional water wipe method, the number of water you have to use is up to 3L on average.

Can put any types of water in a steam mop for tile

Many people might think that just clean the tile floor with water is not strong enough to wipe out all stubborn stains, so they wonder they can add any kind of chemical floor cleaners into the steam mop’s tank, can’t they?

The answer is definitely NO.

The only kind of water recommended using is distilled water. Do not pour detergent or perfumed water into the mop tank, which will damage the machine operation and cause harm to the steam mop.

The steam cleaner is a device that uses steam to clean floors and carpets. Unlike normal cleaning methods, which use detergents, the machine uses heat from steam to disinfect and clean.

There is a small microfiber placed just below the steam mop to remove dirt. Steam cleaners work by heating the water inside the tank to a temperature of about 120 degrees C (248 degrees F).

Only using water steam to mop the tile is also the most outstanding competitive advantages of the steam mop compared to other normal mops use tile cleaners. As a matter of fact, most tile clearers, disinfectants, or detergent products contain hazardous chemical ingredients, and most consumers are not aware of these ingredients.

Although these ingredients are blended in very low amounts, it is difficult to identify the dangers in a short time, but when used for a long time (or abuse them repeatedly) will cause extremely dangerous harm to human health.

Therefore, the steam mop is the leading choice for millions of housewives over the world for tile cleaning, which is extremely effective, environmentally friendly, and safe for our health.

Wrap up

Never add any detergent other than water to your steam tank, if it is not recommended by the manufacturer of the steam mop for tile. Remember to read the instructions before use with caution.

If you have any doubts or concerns, contact the manufacturer of your steam mop directly to see if a disinfectant or deodorant can be used on steam floor cleaners, or what kind of water do you use in a steam mop for tile?

Best Floor Scrubber for Ceramic Tile

Best Floor Scrubber for Ceramic Tile

To help your cleaning ceramic tile floors become easier, you need the best floor scrubber. However, not all homeowners find it easy to find the best vacuum for tile floors.

You can see so many choices of ceramic tile floor cleaning devices on the market today. We have shortlisted for you the top 5 best products today. They will help to make your floor look beautiful as it deserves.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Floor Scrubber for Ceramic Tile

1. BISSELL Crosswave 2306A Pet Pro Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

This is known as a dependable household unit that eliminates the need for manual cleaning. It comes with a multi-surface brush roll that helps to clean all the floor surfaces.

It can operate well in dirty or high traffic areas. The machine also has an easy-to-hold handle that allows you to easily store and maneuver. Moreover, there is an innovative microfiber to collect all the dry debris on the floor.

Also, the machine has the 2-tank system to make you are cleaning continuously. This option is safe for your ceramic floor. It has a brush roll that rotates at 3,000 rpm.

2. Koblenz Floor Scrubber P1800A Model

With the Koblenz Floor Scrubber P1800A, your cleaning task becomes easier. This unit is one of the top scrubbers out there. It has a 4.2 amp motor that offers high power to do thorough scrubbing.

You can use this scrubber to clean ceramic tile, vinyl floors, carpet, buffs all hard floors, linoleum ceramic tile, marble, hardwood and more. Because this model is a versatile unit. It can do all the cleaning for you for a long time, so it’s not essential to invest in several machines.

This product can be used on all kinds of floors. Also, it’s fairly lightweight. Plus, it is packed with a one year warranty.

3. Ewbank EPV1100 Floor Cleaner 4-in-1 Scrubber

If you are looking for great results when cleaning, the Ewbank EPV1100 is a good name. This is a four in one model. It promises to give you a complete floor cleaning solution. It’s great for all floor types including granite, vinyl, laminate, ceramic tile, marble, and wood.

It’s easy to maneuver this cleaner. This machine can be used to clean your living rooms, kitchens, as well as other medium to large spaces. Moreover, it has reusable and interchangeable for any cleaning need.

It comes with a 23-foot long power cord. Therefore, it has extra mobility. The machine is built with high impact material for durability. That’s why it can serve you for a long time. Furthermore, there is also a one-year limited warranty. Plus, it’s also a good option in terms of price.

4. Koblenz P-820 B Polisher and Shampooer Cleaning Machine

With this model, you can remove dirt, dust, and other debris with ease. Also, it promises to help leave your floor shiny.

You can use this device for your hard floors, carpets, rugs, and ceramic tile. It will prevent you from relying again on professional cleaning services.

It is equipped with 2 brushes for optimum cleaning. It can be able to clean a width of 12 inches. It means you will get a minimum of strokes. Additionally, this machine features a powerful all metal 4.2-Amp motor along with high-impact housing. Therefore, this is a good choice for durability.

There are one pair of lamb’s wool buffing pads, scrubbing brushes, shampoo brushes, and tan polishing pads included. Moreover, it is also a lightweight model. It ensures to offer outstanding performance.

5. BISSELL BGFS650 BigGreen Hercules Scrub Clean Floor Machine

This unit is known for its ability to offer Scrub cleaning even the toughest cleaning tasks. It can be used to clean all the floor types such as wood, vinyl, ceramic tile, granite, laminate, marble, and more.

It is equipped with two polishing pads, 2 brushes, as well as two washable microfiber buffing pads. They help to make your cleaning much easier. Also, it has great stability so you can use it with control and comfort.

It has the Powerful polishing heads that rotate at a speed of2200 rpm. Therefore, it will get faster and quick results.

Besides, it is fitted with adjustable handles that allow you to pick the comfortable height. Plus, it is compact lightweight and easy to store.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Floor Scrubber

Spinning Speed

You should go for floor scrubbers with a high spinning speed. It’s best to choose one with a spin speed of around 300 to 600 RPM. Also, it’s a good idea to choose ones that work without producing a loud noise.


We recommend you to look for one with a long runtime for convenient as well as exceptional service. At the same time, don’t forget to look out the battery lifespan. The machine you choose must durable and recharges faster. It’s best to get one that offers a minimum of 50 minutes of runtime.


The machine needs to have the rotating head since it helps to clean quickly. Besides that, you should also look for ones with a long extension handle to get less fatigue. It’s also a good idea to go for a versatile one since it can work perfectly on any kind of floor or wall.


All the models above are the most convenient and reliable floor scrubbers on the market now. They ensure to give you efficient cleaning. Also, these devices are safe to use. They can be used for all kinds of floors and walls.

They are equipped with replaceable heads. They can also serve you for a long period. Additionally. They have a powerful rechargeable battery with a longer runtime. Last, the thing you need to do is just to pick the one you find suitable for your needs.

How often Should You Clean Tile Floor with a Floor Scrubber Machine?

How often Should You Clean Tile Floor with a Floor Scrubber Machine?

One of the best floors you can have is a tile floor. This type of floor is waterproof and durable. Also, this floor offers so many options to choose from. They are available in a lot of styles and colors.

Unlike hardwood and carpet, you haven’t to give your tile floor a lot of maintenance. That’s why many homeowners choose this floor. If you have your floors tiles, it’s important to clean it regularly to make it look as good as new for years.

Regular cleaning versus deep cleaning

Tile cleaning includes 2 types: regular cleaning and deep cleaning. For regular cleaning, you will start sweeping the tile floor using a fluffy dust mop or vacuum cleaner. Next, you need to use water to mop the floor after the dust has been removed. Then, dry the whole place.

Besides, you can also use a gallon of warm water mixed with ½ cup of white vinegar to mop the floor. Your floor can get back the sparkle thanks to vinegar.

If there are hard greases on the floors, it’s a good idea to use dishwashing detergent instead of using the vinegar. To deal with stubborn stains, using scoring powder is also a great solution.

The time comes when dishwashing detergents, vinegar, and scouring powders maybe not effective solutions, you can use them together for deep cleaning.

What is deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning is a great cleaning method. It goes beyond the surface and deep into the surface of the floor. This method can help you eliminate the toughest of stains. Therefore, it can help to restore the shine of your tiles.

This method is usually used by professional tile cleaning companies. The reason for this is the fact that you will have to pay a lot of money for the machines and special supplies, they are not essential to buy if you’re not in the cleaning business. Besides, you need not only skill but also muscle for deep cleaning.

How often should you have your floors deep cleaned?

There is no exact answer to this question. A professional can know how often you need to clean your tile floor after inspecting your home. However, you can also estimate the required cleaning based on a few factors below:

  • The age of the floor: for older floors, you will need to deep clean them more frequently to regain their sparkle. If not, your tile will become paler and paler.
  • How many people use the floor: the fact is that dirt and tough stains can affect the number of people in your house. If there is a lot of traffic, it’s essential to get more frequent deep-cleans.
  • How often you clean: the required frequency is also based on how often you do regular cleaning. If you perform it at least once daily, the amount of dirt accumulate will be at accumulating. It means you will need less little frequent deep cleaning sessions.
  • Season: deep cleaning may be more necessary in some seasons. For example, you will need to deep clean frequently in the summer or festive seasons because of high traffic.


As you know, tile floors are durable. However, some types require special care. There are many other factors you need to remember. However, it’s more important to schedule deep cleaning at least twice a month in busy homes.

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